School Policies


1. ______You will notify us in writing if you wish to add/remove a person to the emergency and pick up contact list.  No changes will be made until we have a written notification from you.


2. ______If there is a change in schedule that will consequently cause a change in tuition costs, you must notify in writing or email at least one week in advanced before any changes in tuition charges can take effect.


3. ______Our school will be closed on the days specified as Holidays in the attached School Calendar.  There is no discount for the holidays we are closed. Our payment schedule does not change due to a Holiday falling on pay days, so plan accordingly.


4. ______Weekly tuition is payable every FRIDAY in advanced of services being rendered and should not be received later than MONDAY.  A late fee of the amount specified in the fee schedule will be applied to your account after Monday. We reserve the right to cancel services if your account is delinquent and your child will not be allowed to return to school until all fees have been paid. This policy applies to every child including those under a government subsidize childcare payment plan.


5. ______ If payments are considered to be late too often; a two-week deposit will be required and/or services may be cancelled.


6. ______Dishonored checks will be assessed an additional fee as specified in the Fee Schedule and the amount should be received in cash. After the second returned check within a period of six months only cash will be accepted from you for tuition fees.


7. ______Should you arrive after 6:00 pm to pick up your child; an extra fee as described in the Fee Schedule will be applied to your account. 


8. ______If you have chosen the part time schedule option you must comply with the schedule set for your child.  An additional fee will be applied to your account if your child is dropped off or picked up before or after his/her set schedule.  Part time schedule is not available for infants or toddlers.


9. ______An annual, non-refundable registration fee will be required upon enrollment for each program; Summer Camp and the School Year.  This fee is paid on a yearly basis before the beginning of each program. 


10. ______Children that arrive later than 11:00 will not be guaranteed lunch for that day. If you plan to arrive past 11:00, please make sure you call to let us know. Our lunch hours are from 11:00 to 12:30 we won’t serve lunch past that time.


11. ______Childcare fees are based on enrollment (a reserved space), NOT ON ATTENDANCE. To maintain a reserved space, fees must be paid during the absence of a child due to illness, holidays, vacation, bad weather or for any other reason. No refunds or credits will be given for days when children do not attend due to illness or other reasons. If a child is absent for a two-week period without proper notification, he or she will be withdrawn from the program.


12. ______We strive to maintain a healthy, safe environment for our children. In that light, you may not bring to the school a child who is ill, or has the following symptoms: fever, complains of ear pain, productive cough, sore throat, pink eyes, diarrhea, vomiting, unidentified rash, and any other symptom preventing your child from participating in our regular school activities, determined in our discretion. Should your child become ill while in school, he/she should be picked up immediately.  You authorize us to obtain immediate medical care if a medical emergency occurs when you cannot be located immediately. Such care may be from a physician or hospital other than your child’s physician.  You authorize us to make the decision of when an emergency exists. Once your child has been symptom free for a period of 24 hours, he or she may return to school accompanied with a doctor’s note.


13. ______A two-week notice is required for withdrawal; fees will be required for this period even if the child is not present.  If you wish to return after withdrawing your child, space is not guaranteed and you must pay a new registration fee applicable to new enrollees.


14. ______Your child is entitled to one week’s vacation of up to five consecutive days during the calendar year (January – December), provided you have a clear balance.  A two-week notice in writing is required.  You cannot “carry over” a vacation week from one School Year to the next. A new student must be registered for a period of three consecutive months in order to demand a vacation week. If advance notice is not provided then the parent will be required to submit payment for that week.


15. ______Medication will only be given to children with a Doctor’s authorization and a completed Medication Authorization Form.  Dispensing fever reducers such as Tylenol or Motrin at our discretion without a prescription are not allowed. Medications should be left at the office or given to the teacher, never leave them in your child’s backpack.


16. ______Each month you will receive a calendar to keep you informed about important events taking place. It is your responsibility to stay informed about school happenings, including notices sent by email.  Our calendar is posted in our web page for your convenience.


17. ______Students are required to wear the school uniform at all times.  Shirts are sold at the office.  For safety reasons, sandals, boots, flip-flops, crocs, open toe shoes and/or party shoes are not allowed in school.  Enclosed heals and toes shoes, without shoelaces are required at all times.


18. ______Toys from home, electronic devices and/or expensive jewelry are not allowed in school, and will be confiscated.  We will not be responsible for lost or damage items that are brought to school.


19. ______In case of inclement weather, we will follow the same schedule and decisions made by the Miami Dade County Public School System (MDCPS) as to whether or not school will be cancelled. There will be no discounts for the days the school remains closed while following MDCPS orders.


20. ______We reserve the right to suspend or dismiss a child in our sole discretion for disruptive or dangerous behavior, if we do not have adequate expertise or resources for the child’s educational, medical or other needs, for failure to comply with any of the policies described above, for failure to pay the tuition/fees over a two week period, for abuse of other children, staff and/or property, the school not being able to meet the demands of the family, consistent tardiness in picking up your child, or failure of child to adjust to school after a reasonable amount of time. Or if for any reason we determine it to be in the best interests of the School. In our sole discretion, suspension or dismissal may be with or without notice.


21. ______We are a NUT FREE school.  Please do not send any items to school containing nuts.  They will be confiscated.


22. ______Any food brought from home will only be served to the child as a second option and not as a substitute to a meal in our menu.  In case of allergies, parents are responsible for providing an alternative.  This substitute must be of the same nutritional value as the item being replaced.  In addition, a doctor's note will be required as well.


23. ______Make sure all personal belongings are labeled with your child’s name on it.  Including snacks and food containers brought from home. 




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