The Kindergartener

Choosing the right school for your child is a complex and very stressful process. Nowadays, parents are faced with endless options and finding the right match for your child can be intimidating.

One of the benefits of choosing a private school setting is - in essence - smaller groups.  A small group environment gives children the advantage of getting more attention and less distractions in their daily learning experiences. Children naturally feel a sense of belonging to a community and have less chances of getting lost in the shuffle. 

If you decide to choose our Kindergarten Program, chances are that your child has been attending our preschool from a very young age.  By now we have already established a solid relationship between school, family and child.  This relationship allows for children to flourish and makes the start of the new school year smooth sailing.


Most likely your child already has made many friends, knows all teachers and staff, and is pretty familiar with our school routines and procedures.  This critical phase of initial adjustment has been mastered and is a thing of the past!  Teachers and students are comfortable around each other, so naturally more attention is given to learning and getting started right away.

Another important benefit of a private school setting is the opportunity for increased family involvement.  Being able to feel close to your child’s teachers and other parents makes it all more rewarding.  Being involved in your child’s early education is a valuable step in promoting success.

At Tiny Learners, teachers are carefully selected for their valuable and extensive experience in early childhood settings.  Our primary school teachers are required to hold a Bachelor's degree or higher in education, they must go through a careful process of screening and background check, as well as hold a Florida State approved teaching certificate.

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