The Two's

Two year-olds are learning to produce language rapidly. They need simple pictures books, puzzles, music, as well as ample time and space for active play such as jumping, running, and dancing. Two year-olds are acquiring social skills, but at the same time, due to their egocentric characteristic they are not yet able to understand the concept of sharing. If you have a two year-old, you must be very familiar with the term terrible two's.


Our main focus for this particular age group will be to provide a nurturing, flexible and calm atmosphere where the child can develop as a whole, self-concept is enhanced, independence is encouraged, and expectations are made clear.


In order to promote emotional growth, our program enables the child to build self-confidence and a sense of self-worth by allowing choices within limits and to build on successful experiences. Social growth is acquired by instilling a sense of caring for, and sensitivity towards others, the foundations for respect are established.


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