Toddler-hood is a time of great growth and change; you are noticing how your toddler’s personality begins to shine! A typical toddler will gain command of motor, cognitive and behavioral skills at a rapid pace. By the time children are toddlers their day is more consistent and predictable. However, we recognize that each child will be at a different developmental stage; therefore our caregivers continue to be flexible in order to respond to each individual need.


Important independence skills are being acquired during these years, including personal care such as toileting, feeding, and dressing. The need for independence begins now! Patience is essential as a toddler struggles to achieve what he has planned to do. During the day the teacher is there to help toddlers verbalize their experiences in order to find better ways to express their ideas and feelings.


 Your toddler may start testing his or her boundaries, at the same time that tries to imitate everything you do. Developing independence at this stage occurs after much repetition and encouragement. Therefore, teachers are there to support and encourage our curious toddlers while they face so many new challenges.





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